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Everybody talks about "Tamagotchi" (some times misspelled Tamagochi), which in japanese means "loveable egg", but only few persons know that on the Web there are several Windows versions of this game.

There are several advantages, apart the price which is zero, to use this ones. The Tamagotchi which you can play on your PC:

Don't pollute the environment (where does all that plastic eggs end, once the virtual guest has died ? In a recycling-oriented society, how do we justify this type of pollution ?)

They don't let the kids fall in despair (once the pet has gone, you can start over)

Non sono ripetitivi They don't let the kids fall in despair (once the pet has gone, you can start over)

They're not repetitive (once you've got enough of raising the chicken, you have the choice of a great variety of pets: in example you can adopt adog or a cat)

This are the Tamagotchi's you should try:

This is absolutely the best, for Windows.

This one is not so bad, also for Windows.

Tamagotchi The classic Tamagotchi, for Windows (only 89K!), has the same functionalities like the portable Tamagotchi (graphic isn't so huge).

tamagotchi This Tamagotchi has better grafics, but on the other hand has less functionalities and... ehm ... it is in japanese !

This is a new shareware version in english.

This is a nugget only for real fans: the Tamagotchi mouse cursor !!!

hp48 Now it's possible to have your Tamagotchi also on your Hewlett-Packard hp48 calculator.

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